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Most Cruel Responses For Ex Text Messages

10 Crazy Roommate Confessions That’ll Not Allow You To Have Any Roomie

If you are living away from your own home with other people, you know that roommates can often be weird. You will often find them eating your food when you are not home, or speaking with their friends loudly on the phone. If your roommate does these often, then you definitely get irritated quite a

If Logos Of These Famous Companies Reflect Their Products

Every major company has a unique logo, which should provide an insight into the kind of service that the company offers. However, we all know that nothing is perfect in this world, and neither are these logos. That is why, Marco Schembri, an industrial product designer from Italy, decided to change these logos based on

10 Trashy Photos That Prove How Awful Some People Are

Human beings are confusing on one side, you have kind and caring human beings who always lend a helping hand to others, while on the other hand, you have selfish and jealous people who are just awful. Take a lookat these 10 pictures which display the dark side of human beings. 1. He isnt

Cops Reveal The Strangest Things People Have Done To Get Out Of Ticket

We may often get tickets for traffic violations. Most people admit the violation and will try to handle the issue legally. But then some others try to fool the officer and will come with many excuses to get out of traffic ticket. But that will not be a good idea always since the officers will face same reasons many times in their work. They can easily find out if someone is trying to fool them.